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The Floor For You

Looking to revamp your home with new flooring and have the tough decision of deciding on the floor for you?  Not to worry as this process can be an enjoyable experience, when you know all the options available to you. Laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring may sound like unfamiliar terms to you, but the differences between each will be distinguished below.

Your budget is a key factor in the type of flooring you will purchase. Typically, laminates are the most cost-efficient option available. If you have a bigger budget and want to splurge that bit extra on your floors, then our engineered and solid wood ranges would be of interest to you.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is not wood, it consists of man-made materials hence why it doesn’t carry a heavy price tag. Laminate flooring has improved in terms of designs and durability over recent years and there are many laminate floors which have a real- wood effect, including knots and variation you would find in wood itself.

When looking at laminate options, the prices will vary, depending on the thickness of the board and its AC Rating.

Take Note of:

  • An 8MM board will be cheaper than a 12MM board, however our 8MM board consists of many of the key features you would find in a 12mm board. The AC 4 rating measures a floor’s ability to resist abrasion. For instance, our 8MM range have an AC 4 Rating making them suitable for heavy domestic trafficked areas. As our 8MM laminates are of high quality, this makes them equally as suitable as a 12mm floor to fit in your home.
  • The finish on a laminated floor is another important element. The finishes available include an EIR finish, which gives the texture of the board a real wood feel. A matt finish gives your floor a realistic matt look.
  • When choosing a laminate floor, you will also want your floor to have a 4V bevel. The bevel outlines the edges of the board which distinguishes the floor, giving it added definition and appeal.
  • Laminates with a click system are also a beneficial purchase, such laminates will have a UNICLIC or Megaloc system which allows for easy installation, therefore also cheaper to install.

The good news is all our laminates have the above features in place; a click system, a textured finish, along with our regular sized laminates having a 4V bevel. Have a look at our wide range of laminate options available here.

Waterproof 8MM Fuji

Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is solid wood on a plywood base and is a less expensive option than paying for solid wood itself. The wear layer is quite simply the solid wood which is placed on the plywood base.

All our engineered flooring have a minimum 4mm wear layer, meaning they can be sanded down at least 3 times. We provide a wide range of engineered floors from 125mm-220mm, with floors even with a 6mm wear layer.

Take Note of:

  • When purchasing an engineered floor, you should take into consideration if the board has a tongue and groove system, which allows the product to fit together snugly so the floor looks seamless.
  • You should note whether your floor is micro bevelled or not. A micro bevelled board is much more tolerant to error and less likely to get accidentally damaged than a square edge board.
  • You may choose an engineered floor over solid wood flooring as moisture problems are significantly reduced. The layers in an engineered board block moisture, meaning it will not swell or warp.  Our engineered floors can be used if you have underfloor heating whereas solid wood flooring cannot be used due to moisture problems.

You’ll be glad to hear all our engineered floors are micro bevelled with a significant wear layer and have a tongue and groove system. All our engineered floors are suitable for underfloor heating. Find out more on our engineered options here.

Engineered Designed by Nature Shannon

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood is exactly what it says, real wood which can be sanded down many different times. Solid wood boards tend to be narrower than engineered wood and are not suitable for underfloor heating. Overall solid hardwood is more durable than engineered flooring as it can be sanded and refinished many times over its lifespan

Solid wood flooring is the most expensive flooring available due to the cost of the raw material. Unlike engineered flooring which has one top layer of real wood, solid wood is one solid piece of timber from top to bottom. Solid wood due to its natural look and strength is popular, something which is important when installing directly onto floorboards

Take Note of:

  • When choosing solid wood flooring, a square edge is the preferred option. Our solid wood floors are square edged, meaning they lay flush against each other, with no gap between the boards, leaving the surface smooth.
  • Parquet solid wood flooring has gained popularity over recent years. If you have the budget and want solid wood flooring, then the parquet option is perfect as it exudes elegance, sophistication and luxury.
  • Take note of the different finishes for solid wood flooring and decide whether you want to choose an unfinished or prefinished board. An unfinished board has to be finished once installed, whereas a prefinished board is fully completed before installation. Depending on your personal preference, either is suitable depending on the look you want to achieve.

Here at KeenM we have a range of parquet and straight plank solid wood flooring options, which are available unfinished and prefinished, along the benefit of being square edged. Don’t wait check out these options today.

Solid Wood Merbau

These tips act as a guideline on choosing the right floor for you, depending on your budget and the look you want to create. For more information, contact us on 042 9332080 and call into our showroom where an experienced member of staff will help you with your choice.