Cleaning Advice

Laminate & Engineered Lacquered Floors

What cleaner should I be using?

For laminate and engineered lacquered floors, we recommend using our Velurex Concentrated Cleaner once a week. This sanitizing multiuse cleaner can be used for removing stains, dirt and heel marks even on PVC, Linoleum, melamine, marble surfaces. This long-lasting cleaner should be diluted in warm tap water (up to 1:10). We recommend using our Mercier Maintenance Kit, which includes a mop especially for this type of cleaning.

Our Mercier Spray Cleaner is another alternative for cleaning your laminate, engineered lacquered floors and solid wood floors. Use regularly by spraying onto your floor or mop and let it work its magic. For a stronger solution, try the Mercier Concentrated Cleaner diluted in water to get rid of those tougher stains.  Empty the contents of this bottle into an 800ml spray bottle and fill it with water to provide a ready to use cleaner.

What is the best polish available?

For reviving your laminate or your engineered lacquered floors, we recommend polishing your floor once a month with our Velurex Concentrated Polish. This polish is particularly useful if you want to give your floor the boost you feel it’s missing, to revive it to its newest condition possible. Diluted in water (1:5 – 1:6), this polish is suitable for rubber floors, vinyl floors, linoleum, marble, resins, along with preventing slipping with its anti-slip properties.

Oiled Floors

Should I polish my oiled floors?

The answer is yes, we recommend using the Kronos Intensive Cleaner once a month, depending on how often you need to revive your floors. Dilute 10 capfuls in 1L of water to removing the trickiest of stains. In areas where there is more traffic, such as the kitchen, you may need to use it more often. This intensive cleaner treats the floor using natural oils, maintaining the floor’s clean, oiled finish. This product is also 90% biodegradable, the perfect product for refreshing the new finish on your floor.

Is there a specific cleaner for oiled floors?

Yes, if you want to revitalize your oiled floors, we recommend cleaning your floor once a week using the Lios Soft Balm Cleaner. This product along with polishing your floor, helps to nourish and sustain the oiled effect of the floor. It is recommended to dilute 3 capfuls in 1L of water to help maintain the floor’s oiled appearance.

Should I invest in a particular mop when washing or polishing my floor?

We recommend investing in our Mercier mop, which is available in a set with our Mercier spray cleaner and our Mercier Concentrated cleaner. This Mop is long lasting and is specifically for cleaning or polishing your floor. Along with being great value, this mop easily glides across your floor, getting into those hard-to-reach corners, leaving your floor with a refined, fresh look.