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Laminate Flooring

Is this Floor for you??

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Looking to revamp your home & budget is key.....

Laminate flooring is not wood, it consists of man-made materials hence why it doesn’t carry a heavy price tag. Laminate flooring has improved in terms of designs and durability over recent years and there are many laminate floors which have a real- wood effect, including knots and variation you would find in wood itself.

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When looking at laminate options, the prices will vary, depending on the thickness of the board and its AC Rating.

Take Note of:

  • An 8MM board will be cheaper than a 12MM board, however our 8MM board consists of many of the key features you would find in a 12mm board. The AC 4 rating measures a floor’s ability to resist abrasion. For instance, our 8MM range have an AC 4 Rating making them suitable for heavy domestic trafficked areas. As our 8MM laminates are of high quality, this makes them equally as suitable as a 12mm floor to fit in your home.
  • The finish on a laminated floor is another important element. The finishes available include an EIR finish, which gives the texture of the board a real wood feel. A matt finish gives your floor a realistic matt look.
  • When choosing a laminate floor, you will also want your floor to have a 4V bevel. The bevel outlines the edges of the board which distinguishes the floor, giving it added definition and appeal.
  • Laminates with a click system are also a beneficial purchase, such laminates will have a UNICLIC or Megaloc system which allows for easy installation, therefore also cheaper to install.

The good news is all our laminates have the above features in place; a click system, a textured finish, along with our regular sized laminates having a 4V bevel. Have a look at our wide range of laminate options available here>

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