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Solid, Engineered and Laminate Wood Flooring Distributors

laminate flooring

rafia is a 12mm Alsa board

Back to Basics

The Floor For You Looking to revamp your home with new flooring and have the tough decision of deciding on the floor for you? ┬áNot to worry as this process can be an enjoyable experience, when you know all the options available to you. Laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring may sound like unfamiliar terms…
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Cleaning Advice

Laminate & Engineered Lacquered Floors What cleaner should I be using? For laminate and engineered lacquered floors, we recommend using our Velurex Concentrated Cleaner once a week. This sanitizing multiuse cleaner can be used for removing stains, dirt and heel marks even on PVC, Linoleum, melamine, marble surfaces. This long-lasting cleaner should be diluted in…
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Best Flooring Options

Meeting Your Flooring Needs Often wondered what’s the most suitable floor for your home? The answer varies depending on what room you are choosing to decorate. Decorating your kitchen? The kitchen is where mayhem and spillages are most likely to happen. We recommend sticking to our laminate ranges, which are extremely durable with a minimum…
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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks