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Thanks to modern technology, waterproof laminate flooring can be made to suit every room in your home. Our new waterproof laminate is suitable for all residential and light commercial use including bathrooms.

Classen waterproof laminate flooring provides 24-hour protection against water. Equipped with a new, modified Megaloc Aqua Protect assembly system and a revolutionary hydrophobic coating that significantly improves edge swelling resistance.

The original character of the joints is in perfect balance with the design of the floor. The European quality design and colour variation extends throughout the floor and creates the feeling of real wood, for a fraction of the price. The 15 year manufacturers warranty offers you that peace of mind for years of hassle free cleaning and no moisture problems.


Additional information

Species Oak
Width 192mm
Length 1285mm
Depth 8mm
AC Rating 4
Finish Waterproof / Small Embossed
Bevel G04 Water Repellent Bevel
Suitable for underfloor heating Yes