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The Perfect Floor

Fed up with lockdown tips? Ease your mind and look at our flooring tips, to help you make the right decision when choosing the best floor for you. We are open for business to all essential projects so get in touch!

Have a big space to cover?

Make the most of a large space, by trying out our longer and wider planks. Avoid these type of planks if you are covering a smaller space as the outline of this plank can’t be appreciated. Have a look at our wider planks by clicking here

Want to make your room appear bigger, airy and open?

Try choosing a lighter oak to make smaller spaces appear enlarged, whereas bigger spaces can take advantage of darker colours, particularly walnut, to bring richness and warmth into your room. Check out our Shamrock 12mm for our lighter colours.

Choose a laminate with a high AC 4 Rating!

All our laminates have a minimum AC4 rating, meaning that they can withstand anything family life has to throw at it, the Kwic Klic range is just one example check it out here.

Want to keep up with the current trend?

Grey Flooring has proven a fashion statement in recent years and is going nowhere, we have a wide selection in grey tones and styles, check them out on our website www.keenm.ie